You have never been to Venice...or maybe you visited Venice sometime ago. This is a very different city as you probably know, no cars, more than a hundred islands connected by over 400 bridges, art, nature and good food! This presentation is structured so as to give you a general overview of the city and a cultural and historical background, with tips and suggestions so as to help you plan and prepare at best your future visit.
DURATION: 1 hour plus time for your questions

FEES: 90 Euros total for up to 5 screen users. You can be as many as you like in front of each screen. For events aimed at large number of attendees, please see the Customized section.

NO. OF ATTENDEES: This is a private event. Tell us if you prefer a one-to-one with the guide basis, or you have family, friends or fellow travellers who could join from different locations.
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