Have you already been in St. Mark’s Square? Would you like to understand how this peculiar city built on water came into being and functioned? This tour might help and satisfy your curiosity.
Venice is spread on approximately 100 islands connected by more than 400 bridges: its unique urban structure is the result of hundred of years of land reclamation and wrestling with the water element. Local communities evolved within each island around a wide open space, the campo. Each campo comprised its church, small dwellings built with wood and the palazzi, the mansions of wealthy merchants.
We shall break the ice in Rialto, on the other side of the Grand Canal, away from the crowd. Rialto was the centre of commerce and finance and today it still hosts the main local market. If possible, we shall also admire this area “from above” and then resume our walk to investigate the diversity of a few neighbourhoods in the vicinity. You shall understand and appreciate the very soul of this labyrinthic city, as well as its functioning in the past and in present days. An ideal tour, should this be your first or umpteenth visit to the Serenissima!
DURATION: Half day
GUIDE FEES: 320 Euros
ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: 3 > 6 Euros per person