Venice was to be one of the most powerful maritime states in the Mediterranean for several centuries. This was thanks to its organization which worked like clockwork: politics, religion, trade and the navy.
Our visit will focus on the splendid district of Castello, still a bit too remote for the crowds of hasty tourists, and still so quaint. Here we’ll be right in the heart of Venice naval power, admiring the tall and long medieval walls of the Arsenale, the State Shipyard. And around, laundry hanging to dry, old wells, local bars and market stalls...The Naval Museum shall give us a grasp of how it all functioned, through maps, gondolas, models of galleys and galleons, making it an enriching experience combining all aspects of the city, past and present!
GUIDE FEES: 300 Euros (private guided visit total cost)
ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: 10 Euros per person