Around the mid 13° C the Dominicans built their grand church and dedicated it to St. John and Paul, Zanipolo, as Venetians call it, a contraction. The Franciscans constructed theirs on the other side of the Grand Canal and dedicated it to the Glorious Vergin Mary of the Franciscan Friars, Frari as Venetians call it. Both rebuilt around the end of the 14th C, these 2 temples are the most imposing examples of religious Gothic in the city. Inside, masterpieces by Giovanni Bellini, Bartolomeo Vivarini, Tiziano, Lorenzo, Lotto, chapels and magnificent funerary monuments commissioned to celebrate doges, men of arms, senators. Prestigious art that is indeed, but of course with a nice intermezzo in the Rialto market area for some refreshments, tapas, a glass of prosecco or a cappuccino and a beautiful walk through backstreets which might be hard to find on your own… …
GUIDE FEES: 280 Euros (private guided visit total cost)
ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: Entrance fees: 6,50 Euros per person