If you don't know the lagoon of Venice, then you cannot fully understand the essence of this unique city. Venice originated as a cluster of tiny settlements on salt-marshes of mud and canes. The shallow waters offered the natural protection for those first inhabitants. Salt and fish were the prime and first resources, as well as the goods they could trade.
Gradually Venice shaped up; but evidence of past history survive. Torcello is a remote and practically deserted island housing the oldest church of Venetian history. Most visitors take an excursion to Burano and Torcello but only get to see those 2 islands. I'd like to propose a journey to explore the lagoon and it most beautiful and intact corners. Passing by Vignole, Sant'Erasmo and the abandoned islands, stopping in the meandering canals that cut through the salt-marshes, and tell you about the birth and formation of this environment, its ancient and more recent transformations, talk to you about how fishermen fished in the past and fish today.
I'd like to accompany you in this journey on a traditional boat, slow and capable of navigating in shallow waters passing by the fishermen nets; where big motorboats and water-taxies can't go!
DURATION: Full day
GUIDE FEES: 500 Euros (private guided visit total cost)
ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: 5 Euros per person Torcello's Cathedral + transportation costs