Lido is a strip of land and sand 12 km long which was for centuries the main bulwark protecting Venice and its lagoon. A deserted island until the mid 19° C, it then turned into a major destination for all those who wished to enjoy the benefits of a new culture: sun and the therapeutical properties of sea water. Bathing establishments were constructed, followed by hotels and villas, and in 1882 the island was to be connected to Venice by a regular steam ferry. The Des Bains and the Excelsior hotels were opened in early 1900. The imaginative Liberty style shaped the earliest villas. In the 1930s the Cinema Palace and the Casino were built. History, curiosities and anecdotes for a very different and relaxing day on a bicycle saddle amidst the green, the lagoon and the sea.
DURATION: Half day or Full day
GUIDE FEES: 270 Euros half day - 480 Euros full day (private guided visit total cost)