Murano is a small island located to the north of Venice. The island became an outstanding and unrivalled centre of glass-making at the turn of the 13 th C, when the Venetian authorities decided to move all foundries there for fear of disastrous fires in a city which at that time was still predominantly built with wood. The works created by Muranese glass-masters reached levels of perfection which soon acquired great fame all around the Mediterranean world. The Ottoman elite in Istanbul were the ultimate clients of exquisite lamps, mirrors and glassware. This visit wants to offer a full-immersion experience, starting in the small Glass Museum so as to introduce you to the great artworks of the past and continuing in the real workshops where you can see glass being made with the very same techniques used in the past.
DURATION: Full day
GUIDE FEES: 450 Euros (private guided visit total cost)
ADDITIONAL EXPENSES: Glass Museum 5,50 Euros per person + transportation