My options focus on specific themes, such as the lagoon, principal and smaller churches, fraternities, palaces, museums…. In all of my itineraries I combine art and history with anecdotes and curiosities, and special insights about the Venetian culture… If it is to your liking, we can include a brief stop for some cicheti and a glass of prosecco. Walking, local transportation, a private water-taxi or a traditional boat take us to our chosen destinations. My tours are generally private, but if desired, we can try and include other visitors to reduce costs. I am always open to suggestions or specific requests that are not published on my website.

Some tours require nice weather, others can be done in rain or shine. If you select a tour which requires nice weather, I’d be grateful if you could also consider a second choice in case the weather is inclement. This will help us to avoid unforeseen last minute cancellations.